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The following guiding principles shape my coaching:

Success orientation vs. avoidance of failure (determination)

  • "Success is someone who tries to get closer to success - not someone who wants to avoid failure"

Self-confidence as the key to mental strength (self-confrontation)

  • "Mental strength begins with becoming aware of your personal strengths, confronting yourself with your own weaknesses and tackling them constructively"


Failure as the key to success (resilience)

  • "You get to know yourself better through a defeat than through a victory"

  • "Anyone who gets up again and looks for the solution will find the key to success"


The way is the goal (intrinsic motivation)

  • "Those who enjoy what they do will also be successful"

  • "Those who only strive for the goal will always be in a state of tension because they only see what is missing in order to achieve the goal"

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