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Preventive mental training


In many cases, the key to success lies in developing personality and self. If these areas are specifically trained and improved, smaller problems can be solved as if by themselves and future blockades or crises can be prevented preventively. The following properties are specifically addressed in preventive mental training:


  • Conversations to optimize thinking style

  • Development of individual tools and rituals

Reactive mental training

Constructive handling of sport-specific challenges:

  • Competition fear

  • Setbacks / defeats

  • Feeling of pressure (internal / external)

  • Emotional blocks

  • Technical-tactical blockages


  • Sports hypnosis:

    • Definition of target achievement​ : Analysis of the current situation of your own values, goals and strengths

    • Developing your own skills: optimizing movement sequences, increasing motivation, consolidating other strengths

    • Working on mental blocks: removing internal resistances, the one  Hinder target achievement

    • Checking the target state

    • Self-hypnosis: clients receive sound recordings for independent training at home or on the go

  • Cognitive and behavioral interventions:  In conversation, distorted thought processes and counterproductive behavioral processes are uncovered and specifically influenced.

  • Exposure: One will  put into a situation in which his psychological problem (eg fearful state) can be steered and reevaluated in a positive direction.

    • Through imagination / hypnosis

    • Through real experience

Competition accompaniment

The key situation for the success of an athlete is and remains the competition. It is there that decisions are made about victory or defeat, positive or negative results.


A competition accompaniment brings the following advantages:

  • Preliminary discussion of the strategy for the competition

  • Observation and analysis of behavior in a competitive setting

  • Feedback and conclusion after the competition


  • Determination

  • optimism

  • Resilience

  • Emotion control


  • Self-awareness

  • self-consciousness

  • Self-confidence

  • Self esteem

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