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«Successful athletes are less characterized by talents in the technical field,  rather than through their mental abilities »

They win competitions through their strength of character!

Therefore, Mental Coaching by Lucas Lüdi is about ...

  • promoting individual strength of character

  • the development of personality

  • finding the intrinsic motivation

  • strengthening self-confidence

  • the promotion of mental  Resilience

  • the optimal handling of one's own emotions

"The recipe for your personal success consists of joy, passion and hard work - both physically and mentally."

After setbacks and defeats, many athletes often focus only on their bodies. They work meticulously on their technical skills and train their bodies until they drop. In doing so, they ignore the fact that their psyche may be in their way and therefore they can no longer make any progress.

Visit the Mental Coaching by Lucas Lüdi, train your mental abilities and realize your goals!

Forti H1 Heim.jpg

With mental strength into the 22/23 season

Whether in the National League B or in the youth - the TSV Fortitudo Gossau handball teams rely on mental training. The players can expect the full programme from flow and high performance training to sports hypnosis and deep relaxation - at individual and team level!

Success through mental strength
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